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Temple Run Review for the iPhone and an inside look at the gameplay

Temple Run Review for the iPhone and an inside look at the gameplay Will Passmore

Summary: This is a review of Temple Run regarding game play, ease of installation, friend integration, and the addiction that comes with it!


Temple Run review

 4/5 ~ Friend integration is a huge aspect of internet/gaming success. Unfortunately, Temple Run does offer a lot of options for this, but not nearly as much as gamers regularly expect.

Easy of install

Temple Run is just like any other game or app that you download from the App Store. You are required to have an Apple ID. Upon initiating your download you will have to enter your Apple ID (usually saved) and your password. The download is quick, even when you are using the iPhone’s 3G network. Overall the game is easy to install, and definitely worth it. Read more to find out why!

The Essentials

Temple Run is a basic game in which you make your way, as an adventurer, through a crazy path of trees, walkways, and rocks. While doing this you must focus on your speed, and you cannot afford to fall or trip. As a gamer in Temple Run you have the opportunity to reach higher scores than your friends who play, your own personal scores, and make sure you beat the fast monsters that are chasing you out of an ancient temple. With an Indiana Jones vibe, you truly have once chance per run. If you die you simply start over from the beginning. Any accomplishments you may have gained in your previous run remain, but you don’t continue from the distance you’ve covered already.

Set up / playing for the first time

Setting up Temple Run and learning to play could not be easier! For more information you should definitely read the game play style & controls section below, but be confident in the fact that if you can navigate an iPhone, you can play this addicting game in any setting. From the first time I played, I seriously could not get enough. Starting with accomplishments of just a few thousand meters, I wasn’t turned into an insane disappointed maniac like I am with my failure at Call of Duty online matches. Instead I was brought to discover a desire to master the game, and reach every accomplishment I could. I found myself making people wait while I finished a run from the scary Temple, and being unable to pay attention to my surroundings in cars and walks.

If you have never played Temple Run again, do not get discouraged by your friend’s accomplishments. If it’s not impossible, it will definitely be difficult to stop playing this game.

Game play style & controls
Temple Run for iPhone, iOS

Temple Run is not an emulated game that was created for another operating system. It is directly integrated with built in iPhone controls such as swiping, double tapping and screen tilting.

When you start off your run you begin moving forward at a somewhat slow pace. It seems fast for new players, but once you start getting into 10-20 minute runs you’ll think the beginning is the most dull and boring part! However, the fact that you do not need to press a forward button or tilt your iPhone forward is a huge plus for the game. It also creates a sense of action and puts you in an atmosphere where full concentration is a requirement.

Jump: Swipe up

Turn a corner/move sideways: Tilt your screen to the appropriate side (no usual Apple backwards driving control for this!)

Get under something: Swipe down

Use a boost (power up): Double tap

Power Ups / Incentives

The power ups and incentives aspect of the game is truly something that makes it a midnight to four in the morning time stealer. Some boosts you can collect in game and some you have to actually buy from the store. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to hide a Temple Run bill on your credit card from your wife or parents! The power ups that you buy are purchased with coins that you collect while you are actually running.

These coins are presented either in the middle of your path, to the side, or sometimes in the air. Through jumping (swipe up), moving to the side (screen tilt), etc you can collect these. The more you have, the better. You are going to need these coins to purchase boosts (or what the game calls ‘power ups’, and upgrade them.

Power ups available:

Mega coin: Collect a giant coin that’s worth more than just one single regular coin.

Coin Magnet: Use this to automatically collect every coin near you.

Invisibility: Run through trees, logs, etc. Also, gaps have a temporary path so no need to jump!

Boost: Speed up incredibly fast and move automatically.

Coin Values: Increase the value of normal coins.

Resurrection: Double tap to use this, and resurrect when you die where you are at that moment, plus a few meters!

Starting boost: Skip the first 1,000 meters.

Mega boost: Skip the first 2,500 meters.

Game Graphics

Overall the graphics are not the most advanced. If you are used to high end games like World of Warcraft or Crisis you may be opposed to iPhone gaming in general. My point is is that while Temple Run may not have the best graphics, they are averagely similar to all the other games available in the App Store.

I believe that Temple Run focused on the style of game play, which they mastered, and kept the graphics and layout of the game quite simple. I personally like this as it means the game starts up quickly (even the short intro to each run!) and it keeps the player’s focus on actually playing instead of staring at detailed textures.

Bugs / Issues

I have been a Temple Run player for many months now and something I can truthfully say I have not encountered any substantial bugs or issues. If anything it has been my own carelessness for button pressing or my iPhone’s technical difficulties that have resulted in glitchy or failed runs. As I have previously stated, this game was beautifully created when it comes to the “behind the scenes” coding.

The Temple Run Addiction

While there are no bugs, and the game is very fun, there is still one giant issue! It is absolutely addicting. This game takes you out of your surroundings, and gives you a place in an alternate universe in which your sole job is to run, keep on running, and perhaps collect some coins along the way. With my only accomplishment left (not yet completed) being to score 10,000,000 points I can validly say that I have played Temple Run a bit too much.

Through friend integration (which I will speak about next), the desire to buy boosts, complete accomplishments, and the ease of play, Temple Run is something you seriously cannot put down. I would not be surprised if there is a statement that goes like this: “This book is something you read from start to finish in one night…Unless you play Temple Run.”

Social Integration

Social integration is perfect for Temple Run. If your friends have chosen to connect the game to Facebook, you can compete against them in your high schools. Unfortunately, there aren’t any competitions or individual races. I find that a shame. Yet, just the satisfaction of passing your best friend’s high score, and the jealousy of not doing so, is good enough to drive you to perfect your temple running!

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